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Financial Aid Offer

Provided you include Monmouth on your FAFSA, the information it contains will be forwarded electronically to us (and NJHESAA for NJ residents) and is used to put together a financial aid offer or package. 

The financial aid offer may be made up of a combination of grants, scholarships, loans, and employment (federal work study for undergraduate students and Graduate Assistantship for graduate students).  Use the links below to learn more about the specific types of funding available at Monmouth University:

We take great care in making sure that each student is considered for all types of financial aid and the financial aid offer represents the maximum amount of aid the student is eligible for.  The initial financial aid offer is non-negotiable, unless the student and/or family are experiencing extenuating circumstances beyond their control.  In that case, please follow our Professional Judgment process to request a re-evaluation of the student’s financial aid offer.

The initial financial aid offer is an estimate and there may be additional action(s) that the student may need to take to finalize some types of financial aid.  Although the initial estimates are generally accurate, financial aid offers may change (either increase or decrease) as a result of one or more of the following:

  • Changes in the student’s enrollment status (i.e., number of registered credits);
  • Not meeting requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP);
  • Receipt of financial aid from an outside source;
  • Changes in the student’s housing status (i.e., on- versus off-campus housing);
  • Discrepancies noted as a result of the verification process; and/or
  • Corrections made to the FAFSA by the student/parent

How do I find out about my Financial Aid Offer?

Students are notified of their financial aid offer through a digital award offer sent via email; for prospective students award offers are sent to the email address they provided on their application for admission, while for continuing students the award offer is sent to their Monmouth University student email address.  In addition to the initial notification, award offers are also sent every time a change is made to any of the financial aid awards. 

Award offers list the types and amounts of financial aid that make up the student’s financial aid package for the academic year (fall and spring semesters).  Grant and scholarship eligibility are grouped together, separate from the student’s loan eligibility.  The letter also includes a cost breakdown based on the student’s expected housing status.  Both the cost and financial aid awards are broken out for the fall semester only, spring semester only and for the full school year.  We subtract out the student’s financial aid eligibility from the cost to provide you with an estimated amount you will pay.  Need to know more?  Take a look at our video explaining the award letter.

Award letters for the summer session are processed and emailed separately from the academic year award letter.