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Employment: Graduate

Graduate Assistantships

This program provides on-campus employment in a variety of settings. Assistantships are generally awarded to outstanding graduate students through a competitive application process. Graduate Assistantships are awarded on a per credit basis and students will receive compensation equivalent to the value of the number of credits plus 15%; compensation is credited directly to the student’s account.  The total value of the assistantship is included in the student’s financial aid package and, when combined with all other resources (e.g., scholarship, student loans, etc.), the total of all funding cannot exceed the annual total cost of attendance.  Further, the value of the graduate assistantship may also impact a student’s eligibility for other sources of aid. Students should consult the Financial Aid Office to determine the impact of a graduate assistantship on their financial aid package.

Learn more about the Graduate Assistantship program in general and the application process.

On-Campus Employment

The University offers a limited number of part-time on-campus jobs. Students are compensated at a competitive wage, dependent upon the skills required to perform the assigned tasks. Generally, students in this non-need based employment program are limited to a maximum number of 20 hours per week. Interested students should contact the Student Employment Office at 732-263-5381.