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Professional Judgment

Students and/or their families may experience circumstances beyond their control that impact their finances, but that are not taken into account on the FAFSA. Examples of such circumstances include, but are not limited to: loss of employment, loss of untaxed income or benefits, divorce or separation after FAFSA completion, death of a parent, and/or unreimbursed paid medical expenses. With proper documentation we can consider these circumstances and re-evaluate a student’s eligibility for federal, state, and/or University funding.

To request a review of their particular circumstances, current students should complete the Etrieve Professional Judgment form.  Supporting documentation should be uploaded with the form.  Admitted prospective students should complete and print the Professional Judgment form and supply the appropriate documentation.  If you need assistance in completing the form or understanding what documentation is needed to process your request, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 732-571-3463 or via e-mail at Please note that submission of a request for review is not a guarantee that additional funding will be offered.

Once all documentation is complete it will take the Financial Aid staff approximately two (2) weeks to review your documentation and recalculate your eligibility for aid.  This recalculation could result in you being eligible for more aid than you were originally offered or your aid may remain unchanged.  If the corrections lead to a change in your eligibility, a revised financial aid award letter will be sent to your MU email account.