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Ecotherapy Specialization – Counseling with Nature

Ecotherapy is defined as contact with nature as a method or element of counseling and addresses the critical fact that as humans we are interwoven with the natural world. Ecotherapists seek to develop and understand ways of expanding the emotional connection between clients and the natural world within the counseling context, thereby assisting individuals with developing sustainable lifestyles and remedying alienation from nature.

Ecotherapy includes a wide range of techniques such as wilderness therapy, forest bathing, equine therapy, animal-assisted therapy, horticultural therapy, biophilic design and green therapy. Students in this specialization will obtain a firm understanding of the theoretical constructs of Ecopsychology, demonstrate a model of EcoWellness, and obtain applicable skills in Ecotherapy.

In order to receive this specialization, students will have to complete:

  1. PC-502 Ecotherapy: Counseling with Nature (taught by Professor Megan Delaney, Ph.D., in the fall semester);
  2. PC-504 Adventure Based Ecotherapy: including a three-day canoeing trip (taught by Professor Delaney, in summer E).
  3. Practicum or Internship in Ecotherapy: (first or second site placement) or another course approved by Professor Delaney, that incorporates Ecotherapy/Ecopsychology.

Adventure Based Ecotherapy

Ecotherapy: Counseling with Nature

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