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Department of Political Science & Sociology

Debate Team

Debate Hawks


San Diego, CA (2018)

The Monmouth University Debate Team won a record number of team and individual awards in 2018. The 2018 team co-captains are Emely Diaz, James Hawk, and Sabrina Saenger. This year the team competed in six tournaments, including tournaments at Rutgers University in New Jersey, The West Point Military Academy in New York, The New School in New York City, Monmouth’s Jersey Shore Invitational, South Western’s Tournament in San Diego, California, and at the CEDA National Championship Tournament at the University of Pugent Sound in Tacoma, Washington. The team had 37 different students compete at tournaments this year. The Monmouth Team is affiliated with CEDA/NDT policy debate league and this year debated the pros and cons of the federal government creating a new national healthcare system.

Also, Debate Team members Kaitlin Allsopp, Emely Diaz, and Gregory Harpe also coached the Asbury Park High School team as part of our nine year old Monmouth University-Asbury Park Debate Mentoring Program, that has been featured on local television and recognized by Monmouth County Freeholders and the Asbury Park Mayor and Town Council. In 2018, Monmouth debaters coached the Asbury debaters in four tournaments affiliated with the Urban Debate League, including a tournament at Harvard University in February of 2018. Please contact Prof. Joe Patten at 732 263-5742 or through email at if you are interested in learning more about the Debate Team.


Rutgers University, Newark, NJ (2017-2018)


Monmouth University (2017-2018)


Liberty (2017-2018)


Harvard University with
Asbury Park Debaters (2017-2018)