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Music and Theatre Arts

Music Program

Violin Lesson

The music curriculum at Monmouth is designed to provide specific knowledge and skills in music, along with a basic education in the liberal arts. Faculty members bring a wealth of music knowledge and experience to the classroom; in fact, instructors are also choir directors, voice teachers, record producers, Broadway musicians, and orchestra members. A variety of courses are offered each year, ranging from music appreciation and music theory, to American music tradition and rock and roll in American culture. Students are required to present evidence of proficiency in music after their first year.

There are three degree options for those interested in the music program:

Bachelor of Arts In Music

Drum Lesson

Applied music study in voice, piano, woodwinds, brass, guitar, and percussion serves students pursuing a major in music, as well as non-majors who wish to develop musical skills primarily for personal enrichment. Private, weekly instrumental or vocal instruction with a professional instructor is provided for students taking applied music throughout a semester.

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Bachelor of Arts In Music And Education

The music and education program is designed for those looking to teach in public schools. Majors gain hands-on knowledge working with students during their initial field teaching experience and subsequent student teaching experience. Additionally, music and education undergraduates are required to demonstrate performance skill in an instrument or voice, evidenced by their culminating senior recital.

In conjunction with the School of Education, the following concentration is available:

Bachelor of Arts In Music With A Concentration In Music Industry

The music industry concentration allows students to learn the areas of music associated with publishing, recording, marketing, talent acquisition, concert production, media relations, and merchandising. Monmouth is one of only a few schools around the country to offer a concentration in music industry.