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Outside shot Guggenheim Memorial Library and its lawn

Professional Development Credit Hours for History Teachers

Each session held in Monmouth University’s Guggenheim Library 101 at 6 p.m.

A portion of each session will be devoted to discussion of strategies for using the material in the classroom. You can also learn about Monmouth’s M.A. programs in history and anthropology. Refreshments will be served.

Summer 2024 Sessions

Military Strategy of the American Civil War

July 10, 2024
Presented by Christopher DeRosa, Ph.D.

This two-hour session traces how Union and Confederate plans for victory evolved over the course of the war. We will look at how American geography, contemporary military thinking, the available technology, and the contestants’ capacity for mobilization influenced their strategic choices. In particular, we will consider the profound struggle between slavery and emancipation as a fundamental determinant of war strategy. Along the way, we will touch on why the reputations of particular leaders like Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee have fluctuated over the years. Detailed outline, PowerPoint slides, and links will be shared for 6th-12th grade teachers’ use. 

Relevant NJDOE Social Studies Standards: 6.1.12.GeoSV.4.a Use maps and primary sources to describe the impact geography had on the military, political, and economic decisions during the Civil War. 

LGBTQ and Disability History and Comics

July 17, 2024
Presented by Maryanne Rhett, Ph.D.

This two-hour session will look at how graphic novels (comics, sequential art, etc.) can be utilized in middle and high school settings to aid in the instruction on the political, economic, and social contributions of persons with disabilities and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. The history of comics is actually rich in terms of these fields, and more recent graphic histories have elucidated the depth of these histories, both in the US and worldwide. A digital “swag bag” will be available to participants after the session, including useful links, bibliography, and session outline.

Relevant NJDOE Social Studies Standards: 6.1.12.HistorySE.14.a Explore the various ways women, racial and ethnic minorities, the LGBTQ community, and individuals with disabilities have contributed to the American economy, politics, and society. 

Archaeology and Enslavement in New Jersey

July 24, 2024
Presented by Adam Heinrich, Ph.D.

This two-hour session will look at the archaeological evidence for the lives of enslaved people in New Jersey of both African and Native American descent. The roles and lives of enslaved people have frequently been overlooked in New Jersey histories and at historical sites. Over the last several years, archaeological investigations have been able to identify the presence of enslaved people through the evidence of their lives and culture. This has included how they coped with their lives held in bondage and maintained traditional lifeways. Artifacts discussed will include grave markers, food remains, and spiritual items. Images used during the session will be available to the attendees for use in their classrooms.

Relevant NJDOE Social Studies Standards: 6.1.12.HistoryCA.2.a Research multiple perspectives to explain the struggle to create an American identity; and 6.1.12.HistoryUP.2.a Using primary sources, describe the perspectives of African Americans, Native Americans, and women during the American Revolution and assess the contributions of each group on the outcome of the war.

Childhood and Youth in Modern China

July 31, 2024
Presented by Melissa Brzycki, Ph.D.

This two-hour session will look at norms and expectations for children and youth in 20th-century China, including changes to the educational system. We will look at how childhood and youth changed during colonization, war, and the advent of socialism. We will cover youth-led movements like the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) and Tiananmen Square protests. This session will also introduce participants to online, freely available, translated primary sources for learning more about these topics. This session will also introduce participants to online, freely available, translated primary sources for learning more about these topics, and participants will leave with a list of resources. 

Relevant NJDOE Social Studies Standards: 6.2.12.EconET.5.b Articulate a point of view which assesses the reasons for and consequences of the growth of communism and shift toward a market economy in China.