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Annual Graduate Symposium

Words Matter, Spring 2019

by Brittany Cote

Tuesday, April 30th marked the English Department’s annual Graduate Symposium. The Graduate Symposium topics ranged from selected creative writing excerpts to literature of immigration and a “threesis” competition to wrap up the night.

With the assistance of Dr. Bluemel, English Department GAs (specifically Jennifer Broman and Brittany Cote, as well as Charlie Chipman and Damian Luboch) were able to gather professors and students to present on their writing processes and provide insight on capitalizing upon an English M.A.

A special thanks to Dean Thomas, Dr. Werner and Dr. Hanly for participating in the Graduate Symposium. Congratulations to the following presenters on the successful event: Brittany Cote, Campbell Lee, Alissa Malkemes, Jaimee Nadzan, MacKenzie Svarrer, Sally Tawil, Kendall Turchyn, and Matthew Yard.