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MU’s High School Hawk Hack

High School Hawk Hack Returns this February 2024

Monmouth University’s Computer Science and Software Engineering Department welcomes high school students to participate in Monmouth University’s Hawk Hack; a hackathon for high school students pursuing a career in tech.

Join us at Monmouth University’s main campus this February 16th for the 2024 High School Hawk Hack. Monmouth University’s ACM/IEEE club will host this competition of teams from local high schools as they solve a series of programming challenges. Programming challenges will require a working knowledge of the Java programming language. The top three teams/schools will receive prizes and recognition on Monmouth University’s Computer Science website.

Each team may be comprised of 2-3 students

Schools may have up to two 3-person teams compete

To participate in this year’s competition, schools must register no later than Friday, February 2nd. For more information, please contact Professor Rolf Kamp, Specialist Professor Computer Science & Engineering:

2023 HSPC hosted by Monmouth’s ACM/IEEE club

For the first time since 2020, the MU Computer Science ACM/IEEE club hosted the Monmouth University High School Programming Competition. On February 24th, 34 students from 6 local high schools attended this event on Monmouth’s main campus.

After a lunch hosted by the Computer Science ACM/IEEE club, students were escorted to labs in Howard Hall where they were organized into teams of two or three in order to work on programming challenges. Facilitated by the ACM/IEEE club members, students were first coached through a practice session in order to become familiar with the development environment. Teams were then given 90 minutes to complete three challenges. Ranging from easy to extremely difficult, these challenges were designed by Monmouth University’s Computer Science ACM/IEEE club members.

Prizes were awarded to teams finishing in the top three positions. East Brunswick was the top finisher, and 2 different teams from Freehold High earned the 2nd and 3rd place positions.