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Anna Nardelli

Student Machine Learning Research – Anna Nardelli

Anna Nardelli

My name is Anna Nardelli and I’m a junior Computer Science major at Monmouth University. Since my first year at Monmouth, my professors have inspired me to explore the world of possibilities for a career in computer science. I’ve had many opportunities throughout my time here to apply the skills I’ve learned in my courses to real-world problems.

Last summer, I participated in Monmouth’s Summer Research Program. Me and my team spent the summer developing a Natural Language Processing algorithm, which we applied to Monmouth’s Computer Science department’s syllabi to analyze the effectiveness of our courses in accordance with ABET accreditation guidelines. While working on this project, I gained both technical skills with Python and leadership skills while working with others.

During the Fall 2021 semester, I began working on Dr. Wang’s machine learning research team. Working in Dr. Wang’s office has greatly expanded my experience and I’ve become much more comfortable and confident with my skill set. We recently wrapped up a research project of ours in which we used machine learning to predict a patient’s length of stay in a hospital based on their initial intake data, and we are currently writing a paper which we will eventually submit to be published in an academic journal.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that being a computer science student at Monmouth has provided me. While I was interviewing with companies for a summer internship, every interviewer was interested in these projects and what I had learned from them. This summer I’ll be interning at Northrop Grumman in Baltimore, MD and my experience as a Monmouth researcher is sure to be a benefit as I adjust to my new role!