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Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry and Physics!

We are a passionate, vibrant and energetic department that is driven by a shared commitment to meticulously prepare our students for their professional careers after graduation from Monmouth University. Our curricula rigorously emphasize essential subject matter and laboratory experience, particularly focusing on imparting and nurturing critical thinking, problem-solving, technical writing and presentation skills to our students. We guarantee the success of our students by providing them with personalized advising from first year to the time they graduate.

In addition to a dedicated and passionate faculty body, our small class sizes, the largest being 30 students, and excellent facilities along with modern instrumentation allow us to provide our students with personalized and excellent learning opportunities. We emphasize hands-on experience with modern instrumentation in the laboratory and our chemistry program is accredited by the American Chemical Society.

There is considerable diversity within our faculty body, which adds vitality to our department. The academic backgrounds, professional experiences and research interests of our faculty encompass all the major areas of chemistry, i.e. analytical chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and physical chemistry. We also have faculty with expertise and interests in more specialized areas such as biophysical chemistry, computational chemistry, environmental chemistry, medicinal chemistry and nano-chemistry.

Our curricula require that students be engaged with faculty in collaborative research in faculty research laboratories.

Our chemistry degree opens doors to lifelong and rewarding careers in industry, government, environmental science establishments, forensic science in crime laboratories, patent law, scientific writing and education.

Many of our chemistry graduates go on to graduate school in preparation for careers in teaching and/or research at the college or university level, or research positions in high-tech industries that include the chemical, pharmaceutical and electronics industries.

Our chemistry program is also an excellent foundation for medical school and other professional schools in the health sciences. As a result, a significant number of our chemistry graduates go to medical school, pharmacy school, dental school and veterinary school to prepare for lifelong careers in health sciences.

Our chemistry program also provides our students with the knowledge and skills necessary for direct entry into the work force.

Our chemistry graduates have enjoyed considerable success in graduate school, professional school and their chosen careers.

Our Medical Laboratory Science and Clinical Laboratory Sciences graduates have been much sought after by hospitals and clinical laboratories.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you should need further information or have any questions about the Department of Chemistry and Physics.

Sincerely – Tsana Tongesayi, Chair