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Department of Chemistry & Physics

Department of Chemistry and Physics

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Chemistry Dept Office Information The Chemistry and Physics Department takes distinct disciplines and provides a cohesive and stimulating learning environment in which students explore core concepts in the physical sciences. As part of Monmouth’s commitment to exceptional education, our department employs innovative methods to foster the development of critical and analytical thinking skills.

Small class sizes and an open-door policy allow our faculty to get to know our students on an individual basis. Interaction and discussion are key to the classroom experience. Professors engage students in exciting and relevant research projects. Our program ensures that all students:

  • obtain hands-on experience with modern scientific instrumentation
  • enhance their ability to communicate knowledge inside and outside the classroom
  • receive mentorship from faculty with extensive real-world work experience
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Students majoring in chemistry, medical laboratory science, or clinical laboratory sciences gain the confidence and problem-solving skills necessary to pursue successful careers in fields such as pharmaceuticals, medicine, and education. Chemistry majors are also well prepared for careers in forensic science, environmental science, and analytical and synthetic chemistry, as well as graduate studies, medical school, and law school.