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  • The Hess Scholars

    Hess Scholars

    The Hess Scholarship Recipients (Fall 2013) with Prof. Peter Reinhart, Esq. (far left), Dr. Susan Gupta, Dean Donald Moliver and Provost Thomas Pearson (far right)

    The Hess Scholarship was created to recognize outstanding academic performance and provide an incentive for high academic achievers who did not attend Monmouth University for their undergraduate degree to enroll in the MBA program by providing a financial incentive and recognition of their achievements.

    The Hess Scholars receive a $4,000 scholarship each year for up to three years that can be used toward tuition and fees in the MBA program. This scholarship is awarded in addition to any Graduate Fellowship Money they receive from the university.

    All students accepted into the program are reviewed to identify those who meet the qualifications of the scholarship. The top students according to the admissions materials submitted to the program are identified. There is no application process but to be eligible you must have applied and been accepted into the MBA program and did not attend Monmouth University for any of your previous degrees. Grade point, test scores, previous degree and institution are the primary considerations for the award with all students ranked on the same criteria decided by the award committee each year in fall and will apply throughout the following year for incoming students in Spring and summer Semesters. A total of 9 awards are available each year.