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Program Costs and Other Fees

Effective Feb. 22, 2024


Application Fee$60.00
Clinical Laboratory and Practicum Fee$300.00
Cooperative Education Fee$45.00
Credit By Exam (per course)
– Application Fee$15.00
– Undergraduate per credit⅓ cr. rate
– Graduate per credit⅓ cr. rate
Diploma Replacement Fee$50.00
Graduation Fee$100.00
Housing Contract Cancellation$500.00
Lab/Studio Fee A (refundable)$100.00
Lab/Studio Fee B (refundable)$80.00
Lab/Studio Fee C (refundable)$60.00
Lab/Studio Fee D (refundable)$40.00
Lab/Studio Fee E (refundable)$20.00
Lab/Studio Fee F (refundable)$200.00
Lab/Studio Fee G (refundable)$300.00
Lab/Studio Fee H (refundable)$400.00
Late Payment Fee$50.00
Orientation – fall semester (full-time, new undergraduate)$200.00
Orientation – spring semester (full-time, new undergraduate)$75.00
Physical Ed (refundable)$30.00
Portfolio Assessment (per course) – Workshop$30.00
Portfolio Assessment (per course) – Academic Assessment$225.00
Program Fee – BSN Students (per semester)$500.00
Returned Check Fee$25.00
Second Year Residency Penalty Fee *$5,000.00
Student Teacher Early Field Experience Fee$60.00
Student Teacher Field Experience Fee$300.00
Study Abroad Administration Fee – Fall or Spring$250.00

* Students who elect to live off campus without an approved Housing Requirement Waiver or submit false or misleading information during this process will be in violation of the Student Code and will be responsible for a substantial off-campus housing fee of $5,000 and will be referred to the Dean of Students’ Office.

Summer Session

Workshop per hour (refundable)$35.00
Study Abroad Administration Fee – Summer$125.00

Parking Fees

Parking – Resident Student (per year)**$350.00
Parking – Resident Student (one semester)$175.00
Parking – Late Registration (per year)$50.00

** Resident students who do not remain in on-campus housing in the Spring may file a waiver requesting credit for 1/2 the annual parking fee.

Deposits (for information only)

Enrollment Deposit (BSN) – Non-Refundable$200.00
Enrollment Deposit (MSW) – Non-Refundable$350.00
Enrollment Deposit (Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant, Speech-Language Pathology) – Non-Refundable – Summer 2024 Start Forward$500.00
Enrollment Deposit (All other Full-Time Undergraduate) – Refundable until May 1$200.00
Housing Deposit – Refundable until May 1$150.00
Study Abroad Confirmation Deposit – Non-Refundable$250.00
Faculty-Led Confirmation Deposit – Non-Refundable$250.00