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Student Activities

Leadership Resource Center

The Leadership Resource Center is available through the Office of Student Activities. It is designed to provide an array of leadership tools and resources for the development of leadership and managerial skills. Individuals can utilize resources available for the advancement of their vision, be it in the classroom, in the residence halls, or within student organizations.

In the arena of leadership, there is always room for improvement. This requires the ability to brush up on your skills and techniques. You have several areas in which to incorporate leadership initiatives into daily tasks and operations. Student leaders have the initiative to develop their skills and talents to lead themselves first, then others, in meeting the goals they have set.

Resources include:

And more such as…

  • Videos pertaining to any issue relating to leadership and student awareness;
  • Materials from conferences attended and planned;
  • Tools and resources of various organizations and possible inter-organization networking contacts;
  • Programming resource files with information on various programs, speakers, and entertainers to bring to campus as well as information on how to plan and run events, conferences, and retreats;