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  • Phi Sigma Sigma

    Council: PHC

    Phi Sigma Sigma is a national sorority founded in 1913. At Monmouth, the chapter participates in many annual events including Greek Week and homecoming. They hold an annual mother/daughter brunch that both sisters and mothers enjoy, and perform service projects in the local community. It’s hard not to have fun as a member of Phi Sigma Sigma!

  • Lambda Theta Alpha, Latin Sorority Inc.

    Council: PHC

    Lambda Theta Alpha, Latin Sorority, Inc., began in 1975 and became incorporated in 1979. This academic and service sorority opened the Tau chapter at Monmouth in Spring 1994. Lambda Theta Alpha serves as a support system for the ladies of the organization and is devoted to helping and volunteering in the community. A sorority based on heritage, LTA takes great pride in their sisters’ various cultures and welcomes women of any nationality. With their burgundy and gray colors, Lambda Theta Alpha continues its growth at Monmouth University with unity, love, and respect.

  • Delta Phi Epsilon

    Council: PHC

    Delta Phi Epsilon is a social, international sorority with chapters in the United States and Canada. D-Phi-E has been in existence for over 90 years. The chapter at Monmouth University is Delta Omega, which has been active since 1967. D-Phi-E was founded at New York University Law School on March 17, 1917. The colors of Delta Phi Epsilon are pure gold and royal purple, and the mascot is the unicorn. D-Phi-E contributes to such philanthropies as anorexia nervosa awareness and prevention and related diseases, as well as cystic fibrosis. They pride themselves on their unity as a sorority and their uniqueness as individuals.

  • Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority Inc.

    Council: PHC

    Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority, Inc. has been in existence since April 29, 1980. The founders had the desire to create an organization to promote leadership amongst the Latino community. It was their desire to create a sisterhood – a place away from home in which the members could feel the strong sense of family, which is such a force in the Latino culture.

  • Alpha Xi Delta

    Council: PHC

    Alpha Xi Delta has a rich 116-year history beginning at Lombard College in Galesburg, Illinois. Alpha Xi Delta’s flower is the pink rose; colors are light blue, dark blue, and gold, which are often referred to as double blue and gold; and mascot is a teddy bear named BetXi Bear. Alpha Xi Delta’s philanthropy is Autism Speaks and they help raise awareness and funds by participating in various Walk Now for Autism Speaks events across the country, and holding their annual Amazing Challenge events. Alpha Xi Delta is guided by the vision of inspiring women to realize their potential.

  • Alpha Sigma Tau

    Council: PHC

    “Strength is in the bond.” These words hold special meaning to each and every sister of Alpha Sigma Tau. Sisters know they can depend on each other throughout life’s twists and turns. With this strength to draw from, sisters feel confident in all their endeavors. Alpha Sigma Tau participates in a variety of campus activities including Greek Week, formals, and social service projects. Through sharing experiences, older sisters help new sisters grow and become involved on campus.

  • Alpha Omicron Pi

    Council: PHC

    The values on which AOII was founded help lead us in the decisions we make and the behaviors we exhibit in our daily lives. We are inspired to promote the values of simplicity, integrity, circumspection, tolerance, generosity, personal dignity, and love. Our lives are to be living symbols of these values that we hold in common. They enable us to go with character and confidence into the world around us, confidently knowing AOII is ours, offering friendships and opportunities throughout our lifetime.

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

    Council: MGC

    Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. began as a vision of nine college students on the campus of Howard University in 1908. It is the oldest Greek-lettered organization established by African-American college- educated women. The sorority has grown into a union of over 250,000 college-trained women who are bound by a powerful mystique, a real moving factor in the lives of students in more than 400 institutions of higher learning; it is one of the most solvent corporations in the world today. Its membership is comprised of distinguished women who boast excellent academic records, proven leadership skills, and are involved in the global community through advocacy and service. AKA has dedicated itself to improving the quality of life for citizens worldwide and promoting peace.