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Student Government Association



The academic committee responds to student issues regarding all aspects of the curriculum and faculty. The chairperson will meet with the Provost and Deans to discuss academic concerns and to present formal proposals for change and/or recommendations to the curriculum or academic policy. The Chairperson(s) also maintains an open dialogue with the department chairs and faculty in responding to student concerns and requests.


The Public Relations Committee assists the Senate with any promotions or publicity needs that it may encounter in advertising specific events that are sponsored by the Senate. The chairperson works with the other committee chairs to promote upcoming events and programs through on-campus promotions and advertising. The Committee’s focus is to work on and off campus to effectively promote SGA events to both the students and the community. Hawk TV, WMCX, the Outlook, the Asbury Park Press, and media organizations are all involved with advertising and reporting the Senate’s activities, on campus and within the local communities.


The Election and Recruitment Committee oversee all of the elections held by the Student Government Association. This includes the election for Homecoming Court during the fall semester, the Senate’s general election in April, and any mid-semester Senate vacancies. The committee will also work to promote SGA to the University community and in turn attempt to recruit new members to the Senate. The chairperson(s) also is responsible for defining the rules and regulations to candidates, coordinating the election process (campaigning, debates, and voting), and overseeing any candidate grievances.


The events programming committee oversees the three major SGA events, as well as any new initiatives SGA may choose to bring to the University community.

The Big Event is the single largest community service project that takes place at Monmouth University every year. In recent years, over 400 students, staff and faculty have taken part by completing community service projects at more than 30 worksites on the day of the Big Event.

Homecoming is an event that brings hawks both past and present together as we cheer on the Monmouth Football team. SGA organizes a Pep Rally the day before, as well as a parade prior to kick-off. Festivities also include the crowning of the Homecoming King, Queen and their court.

The final event, Springfest, is held toward the end of the academic year, bringing food, games and novelties to the campus right before finals week. SGA teams up with other campus clubs to provide live music, giveaways and a day of fun and relaxation for the students.


The Budget Committee plays an important role in the life and well-being of the student clubs and organizations that exist at Monmouth University. The committee coordinates the distribution of the annual budgets to recognized clubs and organizations each year, and it provides recognized student groups and/or individual students with special funding to promote a one-time program, event, or activity.


The Human and Community Relations Committee serves as the Senate’s liaison in speaking to the social issues that impact both the Monmouth University and local communities. This includes, but is not limited to, issues regarding diversity, gender, sexual orientation, physical and emotional disabilities, and the University’s relationship with the local communities. The Human and Community Relations committee also serves as an active member of the Community Relations Taskforce which addresses Monmouth University’s relationship with the local communities.


The Student Affairs Committee serves as a liaison in working with the departments and offices that promote the out-of-class services and extra-curricular opportunities on-campus. This includes communicating with representatives from the Division of Student Life (Office of Residential Life, Health Services), Gourmet Dining and the Monmouth University Police Department to address the student body’s ideas, concerns, and suggestions for improving certain programs and services on campus. The committee also has a strong role in Monmouth University’s spirit initiatives, implementing ideas to encourage students to attend athletic events and have an overall positive experience as a hawk!