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Climate Crisis Teach-In 2019

Climate Crisis Teach-In 2019

Monmouth University hosted a Climate Crisis Teach-In on September 20, 2019.  The event was designed to coincide with global manifestations of concern, and to coincide with the United Nations meeting in New York City on Climate Change.  Sixteen faculty and administrators presented, and we estimate that over 200 students attended.  The presentations were recorded, and you can see them below.  

William Schreiber, “Introduction, Basic Climate Science, Basic Chemistry of Climate Change
Catherine Duckett, “How Does Past Climate Change Help Us Understand the Present?
Randy Abate, “The Plight of Climate Refugees: Rising Seas, Melting Ice, and Inadequate Legal Protections


Pedram Daneshgar: “Climate Change Impacts on Plants and Plant Communities
Golam Mathbor, “Effects of Global Climate Change on Bangladesh and Implications for Other Countries
Walter Greason, “ADRIFT: Climate Change and the African Diaspora in the 21st Century
Peter Reinhart, “The Impact of Climate Change on Real Estate
Kayla Lewis, “Why Climate Models are Trustworthy
Nancy Mezey, “Global Capitalism and the Anthropogenic Causes of Climate Change
Panel Discussion
Megan Delaney, “Climate Stress and Mental Health” (0:21)
Courtney Werner and Patrick Love, “Climate Rhetoric and Persuasion” (5:38)
Heide Estes, “What Can You Do?” (18:22)
Panel Discussion 

Jason Adolf, “Climate Change Impacts on Oceans” (0:41)
Keith Dunton, “Climate Impacts on Fish and Fisheries” (18:06)
Sean Sterrett, “Climate Change Impacts on Reptiles and Amphibians” (31:49)

Tom Herrington, “Determining the Onset of Chronic Flooding in Coastal Communities

The Climate Crisis Teach-In was live streamed and recorded.  Please use the link below to view the event: