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Centers + Initiatives

Monmouth University’s School of Science enhances the learning experiences of our students and extends opportunities to the broader community to engage in the sciences through its involvement with several centers and special programs.

Urban Coast Institute
The Urban Coast Institute—a regional forum for the development and implementation of policies and programs that support healthy, productive, and resilient coastal ecosystems and communities—supports marine research and education, including hands-on learning experiences and career networking opportunities for Monmouth students.

Summer Research Program
High school and college students engage in a 10-week paid research experience, working on collaborative research projects under the supervision of School of Science faculty and staff.

Climate Crisis Teach-In
The Climate Crisis Teach-In is an annual interdisciplinary event designed to raise awareness of the climate crisis. Presentations explore the scientific and social underpinnings of the climate crisis as well and its impacts and solutions. Presentations, workshops and lessons from all members of the campus community are welcome.

Professional Development Programming for Students
The professional development programming at School of Science is tailored for students in science, mathematics and the technical professions to help each one prepare him/herself for the next steps in his/her career, be that a job, an internship or further study in graduate or professional school.

Peer Mentoring Program
The School of Science program in peer mentoring is designed to help students adjust to Monmouth University and to the School of Science by providing support from fellow students. The program is directed by Dean Catherine Duckett and Dr. Jeffrey Weisburg.

Dean’s Seminar
The annual School of Science Dean’s Seminar Series provides Monmouth University students, faculty, and staff, and the University community, with an opportunity to interact with leading scientists, educators, and policy makers in the sciences. Seminars are free and open to the public.