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  • Featured Class: Investigating the School-to-Prison Pipeline

    Prison Class

    Monmouth University's new two-semester class, "Investigating the School-to-Prison Pipeline," is a provocative new offering that will engage Monmouth students this spring and next fall in an exchange of ideas and perspectives with students incarcerated in a New Jersey state prison.

    In the first semester of the class, in Spring 2017, led by Dr. Johanna Foster, MU students will study the two-sided nature of public education as a paradoxical institution that can either open doors to social mobility or reproduce serious social inequalities. In the second semester, in Fall 2017, led by Dr. Eleanor Novek, MU students will travel to a New Jersey prison classroom to extend their learning in collaboration with incarcerated students.

    Building from this understanding of our commonalities and differences in the realm of education, the class will generate specific academic support strategies to benefit the needs of the students enrolled. It will promote greater democratic access to education for marginalized people in the hopes of reducing recidivism through program peer support.

    This course marks the first collaborative effort between Monmouth University and the New Jersey Department of Corrections.