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Program in Gender and Intersectionality Studies

P.U.S.H. (Professors United for a Safe Haven) Back!

PUSH BACK Sept 2017

Professors United for a Safe Haven (P.U.S.H.) BACK is the independent faculty of MU professors committed to affirming our university’s stated commitment to build a community of mutual caring, respect, diversity, and integrity. PUSH condemns hatred, bigotry, and violence on campus in all forms, including sexist, racist, homophobic, and nationalist violence and intimidation. PUSH partners with the student Justice League Coalition, the confederation of MU student clubs committed to social justice and solving social problems on campus and in our communities.

Professors interested in participating are welcome to attend a PGIS meeting held once each Fall and Spring and are encouraged to join both the Gender Studies listserv ( and PUSH listserv ( for updates.

Dear Monmouth University Students:

We, the professors of Monmouth, condemn hatred, bigotry, and violence in all forms. Further, we support a shared commitment to building a community of mutual caring, respect, diversity, and integrity.

We look forward to teaching you, and are eager to learn from you. We encourage open and respectful discussion. Importantly, we are committed to maintaining learning spaces that are free from fear. Harassment and violence will not be tolerated in our classrooms, or on our campus. We are committed to creating a University where all individuals can learn.

We are here for you, and we support you.

Examples of Student Organizations Centering on Social Action, Advocacy, and/or Justice

  • Artists for Change
  • African American Student Union
  • CommWorks
  • Counseling Students Association
  • Gender Studies Student Club
  • Latin American Student Association
  • Monmouth Youth Activists
  • Muslim Student Association
  • National Council of Negro Women MU chapter
  • OWLS (Organization of Women Looking for Sisterhood in Chi Upsilon Sigma)
  • Spectrum (formerly All Lifestyles Included)
  • Social Work Society Student Club
  • Sociology Student Club
  • SAGE (Students Advocating for Girls’ Education)

Examples of Majors and Minors Examining Inclusivity, Diversity, and Solidarity

  • Anthropology Major and Minor
  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Geography minor
  • Gender Studies Minor
  • History Major and Minor
  • Philosophy Minor
  • Political Science Major and Minor
  • Religious Studies Minor
  • Race and Ethnic Studies Minor
  • Social Justice Minor
  • Social Work Major
  • Sociology Major and Minor
  • World Languages & Cultures Majors and Minors

Contact for More Information

PUSH Faculty Organizer
Dr. Katherine Parkin,

Sociology Program Director
Dr. Johanna Foster,

PGIS Director
Dr. Lisa Dinella,