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Program in Gender and Intersectionality Studies

Welcome to our website. If you have an interest in Gender and Intersectionality Studies, or would like to learn more, please think about dropping into a Gender Studies Student Club meeting or contacting any Gender and Intersectionality Studies faculty member for more information. The program brochure is available for download here.

Photo of the Monmouth Mural

“Out of the Classrooms and into the Streets.” Dr. Johanna Foster, artist

PGIS Spring 2020 Newsletter

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Additional Information

Gender and Intersectionality Minor

Gender Research Center Library

What You Can Do with a PGIS Minor

Diversity Efforts
Community Organizing
Public Leadership
Advocacy for Inequalities
Nonprofit Organization

PGIS-Designated Courses

Only 6 credits may be shared with major.

AN 220 History of Advertising

AN 274 Anthropology of Sex and Gender
AR 368 Women, Art and Society
BE 301 Labor Economics
CO 383 Gender, Race and Media
EN 431 Contemporary Women Novelists
GS 225 Introduction to Gender Studies (Required)
GS 252
Race and Ethnicity
GS 305 Women in US History
GS 377 A Comparative Study of Women in the World
HE 324 Human Sexuality
HE 330 Women’s Health

HS 305 Women in US History
HS 307 History of Sexuality in America
PR 401 Perceptions
PR 407 Morality and Community
PR 411 Gender and Global Culture
PR 415 Technology and Women’s Lives
PS 277 Gender and Politics
PY 331 Psychology of Women
PY 332 Psychology of the Male Experience
PY 335L Gender and Sex Roles Thesis Laboratory

SW 278 Family Violence