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How to Designate a GS Course

The Monmouth University Gender and Intersectionality Studies program invites faculty to consider applying for a “GS” course designation for any of the courses they currently teach, or may teach in the future, that engage students in critical analyses of gender. As our program is strongly interdisciplinary, there are a wide range of critical approaches to the study of gender and gender inequalities that would be consistent with a “GS” designation. If the course meets the criteria below, faculty are encouraged to submit the syllabus to the GS Curriculum Committee for review so we can add it to the growing list of exciting Gender Studies courses now available to our students at Monmouth!

Gender Studies (GS) Course Designation Criteria:

  1. The course description includes an explicit explanation that a critical and intersectional analysis of gender is a central element of the course;
  2. A critical analysis of gender and intersectionality are integral to several stated course goals and objectives;
  3. A critical analysis of gender is a key component of 1-2 major course assignments as indicated on the syllabus.
  4. The course description, goals, and objectives should remain intact regardless of the faculty member assigned to it.

Faculty Steps for Designating a GS Course:

  • Interested parties should ensure that their master syllabi for the proposed course meets the criteria above.
  • Faculty should send their proposed Master syllabus to the Gender and Intersectionality Studies Director.
  • The Gender Studies Director, and two selected members of the Gender and Intersectionality Studies Executive Team (GSET) will review the submissions. This sub-committee will communicate its decision to the faculty who proposed the course. Any appeals will be sent to the entire GSET Committee.
  • Once the GS committee has approved the course and signed the appropriate Course Data Sheet, the syllabus must be submitted to the Undergraduate Studies Committee (following their guidelines) for official recognition of a GS designation.
  • Each semester, the Gender and Intersectionality Studies director will make a formal announcement laying out deadlines for the course designation process. Any syllabi not submitted by those deadlines may be reviewed on a rolling basis or may be deferred to the next semester.