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General Information: Provisional Teacher Programs

As of July 1, 2017, a candidate may obtain a Certificate of Eligibility before registering for the 400-Hour Provisional Teaching Training Program (PTP) or the Masters in Education (PTP). The 50-hour coursework must be completed before entering the 350-hours of coursework and does not require a CE.

Please Note: Candidates must complete the 50-hour pre-service program before seeking employment. Registration for the course is available on this site.

After obtaining a CE and employment as a teacher of record, you may apply below to any of our select programs for the PTP. For K-12 Candidates and Pre-3 candidates, please see specific pathways below.

Pre-3 CE Holders (ONLY)

The Pre-3 CE Holder Qualifies for One of Two Credit Based PTP Programs Below

After the 50-hour pre-service course, an alternate route candidate for Pre-3 CE has the following two options for coursework.

  1. The Pre-3 AR programs are offered at MU as an Early Childhood Pre-3 Endorsement 24-credits of study.
  2. A Masters in Education Pre-3 endorsement degree option is available.

* Either avenue can be completed after holding a Pre-3 certificate of eligibility and obtaining a job as a board-certified teacher. Both of these options are explained on our Early Childhood Graduate Programs website.

K-12 CE Holders (ONLY)

After the 50-hour course, the remaining K-12 CE alternate route pathways can be completed within two years for a standard teaching license.

  1. The first option is the traditional AR route of formal instruction totaling 350-hours. The 350-hours of formal education, a 2-year program, is for that teacher candidate who holds a valid certificate of eligibility (CE), is hired as a teacher or maternity leave the position and contracted by a school district to go Alternate Route.
  2. The second option is the Masters in Education PTP.

Provisional Teacher Program: Four Phases

* These courses are for PTP Candidates who are working towards teacher license, hold a CE, and are hired as a teacher of record either full or part-time are scheduled in the following four phases:

  • A candidate applies for the Alternate Route teacher preparation program directly with a provider, of which Monmouth University is one.
  • The Provisional Teacher Program’s entry start points are September (recommended application in July, but we can handle summer applications) or January (recommended application by November), depending upon date of hire.
  • Our 400-hour two-year non-credit program includes the 50-hour non-credit pre service course along with 350 hours of coursework. Students are enrolled in 1 phase of classes per semester. The non-credit courses are scheduled below. The courses are delivered online through Zoom.

Tuition and fee costs for the PTP non-credit 350-hour program are at present ~ $1,250.00 a phase due at the start of class.

The Graduate, M.Ed. PTP classes are aligned with current tuition prices and you can view them on our Graduate Tuition and Fees site.

Contact Us

The Provisional Teacher Programs Office is open on a part-time basis. Please expect a response in up to 24 hours and email is the best method of communication.

Contact Information

Office 109 McAllan Hall

Office Phone Number: 732-263-5238

Director, James Falco

For General Inquiries Including the 50-Hour Pre-Service to Teacher Course

Email: Manager, Frank Riley at

For Pre-3 Inquires and Program Pathways

Email: Kerry Rizzuto at

For Masters in Education PTP Information on our Graduate Programs Including the ESL and TOSD Endorsements

Email: Amy Vu at

Email: Sarah Moore at

Provider Mission

The Provisional Teacher Training Program at Monmouth University is committed to preparing highly competent, reflective teachers who have the content, pedagogical, and professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions to meet the needs of diverse populations in their schools and communities.

Our program combines theory, practice, research, and service to create a supportive environment and nurture the development of those in our charge. Graduates of this program are dedicated to the highest ideals of our profession, engage in continuous professional growth and development, and to that end commit themselves to improve their practice in service of their students, schools, and communities.

The program design is centered on a commitment to ongoing professional development, life-learning, and constant reflective practice. In our program, the focus is put on real education provided through close instructor relationships and support.