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350-Hour Alternate Route Teacher Training Program

Once hired, an Alternate Route candidate must enroll in an approved Certificate of Eligibility Program Provider to accrue an additional 350 hours of formal training and instruction. At Monmouth University, options include a 2-year/350-hour Alternate Route Teacher Training Program and the Masters in Education (M.Ed.). Alternate Route Teacher Track, which can include all content areas, P3 or ESL.

For K-12 CE holders (ONLY)

After securing employment as a teacher, a K-12 CE holder must enroll themselves in a 350-hour Provisional Teacher Training Program.

The Provisional Teacher Training Program organizes the state mandated 350 hours of formal instruction into four distinct phases.

  • Phase I (Fall): 100 Hours
  • Phase II (Spring): 100 Hours
  • Phase III (Fall): 75 Hours
  • Phase IV (Spring): 75 Hours

Candidates may also choose to explore the Masters in Education (M.Ed.) Provisional Teacher Track, which is 30 credits.

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Pre-3 CE Holders (ONLY)

Applicants who hold a CE in Preschool through Grade 3 are required to attend a State-approved Preschool through Grade 3 program consisting of a minimum of 24 semester hour credits to secure full licensure. If you plan to seek work in New Jersey under a P-3 CE and complete the 24 semester hour credits while working under provisional licensure, you must enroll in a Department approved New Jersey college or university program.

Monmouth University offers both the P3 endorsement program (24 credits) or a M.Ed. P3 Provisional Teacher Track (30 credits)

Either avenue can be completed after holding a Pre-3 certificate of eligibility and obtaining a job as a board-certified teacher. Both of these options are explained on our Early Childhood Graduate Programs website.