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50-Hour Preservice Teacher Training Course

Course Description

This course serves as the preliminary course for candidates who hold a bachelor’s or advanced degree from a regionally accredited college or university and are interested in obtaining a job as a teacher.  Successful graduates of this program will earn their certificate of eligibility and be able to seek employment as a teacher in the state of New Jersey. 

The fifty-hour course is offered entirely online and includes a combination of Zoom classes, voluntary office hours, asynchronous web modules, digital classroom observations and analysis, and a culminating performance assessment centered on planning for instruction and engaging students in learning. 

Some of the many topics covered during this course will include: 

  • Educational Terminology
  • Classroom Management
  • Planning for Instruction and Assessment
  • Instructing and Engaging Students in Learning
  • Assessing Student Learning
  • Supporting Diverse Student Needs
  • Resume/Cover Letter Design
  • Interview Preparation

Course Requirements: Applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree and meet the state

GPA Requirement:

  • Applicants who graduated prior to September 1, 2016: 2.75 or higher
  • Applicants who graduated after September 1, 2016: 3.0 or higher

Cost: $500.00

2023 Course Dates

  • July 14 to July 23
  • August 11 to August 20
  • September 29 to October 8
  • October 20 to October 29
  • December 1 to December 10


Photo of Frank Riley

Frank Riley

50 Hour Preservice Teacher Training Course Manager

Curriculum and Instruction

McAllan Hall