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School of Education Partnerships


The School of Education recognizes the central role of partnerships in the preparation of professionals and is proud to partner with a variety of educational and health care providers, including schools, universities, and hospitals.

All School of Education programs offer extensive clinical experiences. These experiences enable School of Education students to engage in the challenging work of professionals in real world settings. The combination of rigorous academic work with immersion into a sustained clinical experience enables pre-professionals to connect theory with practice by integrating the latest ideas from their college classrooms with innovative practice in the field.

The School of Education partnerships provide a unique apprenticeship environment. Each is located at a convenient site and supervised by an accomplished, professional, who works collaboratively with a university supervisor. Together, they provide the mentoring and close attention needed to help pre-professionals gradually master the increasingly complex skill set associated with their discipline.

Please use the navigation at left to visit the School of Education partnerships. Partnerships from three different areas are represented: teacher preparation, educational counseling, and speech-language pathology. In each of these areas, you will discover a rich array of partnerships, rich descriptions of the clinical experiences that occur at partnership sites, and powerful testimonials of their impact.