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Educational Counseling Partnerships

The MSEd Educational Counseling programs in School Counseling and Student Affairs/College Counseling require a minimum of 700 hours of field experiences distributed across 3 courses as established by CACREP accreditation. These are often complemented by additional volunteer or professional development experiences. The Educational Counseling programs emphasize research and theory with applied, practical experience. It also emphasizes and reflects the urban and multicultural nature of our educational community, as well as general trends within the specified fields of student affairs and school counseling.

The field experiences provide emerging professionals with resources to: build rapport, lead groups, educate and assist in student behavioral modifications (e.g., time management, academic achievement), understand student academic development, identify and implement cognitive and behavioral interventions (e.g., reducing stress), student retention initiatives, or assist those unprepared for career or college-level work.

The field placement coordinators will collaborate in every way to secure a placement for your fieldwork experience. You will not have to find your own placements as the program faculty as field placement coordinators assist in your placement.

If you are a teacher or work in a college/university and plan to complete your field placement at your workplace, arrangements can be made to aid in the process.

More specific information about our School Counseling and Student Affairs/College Counseling placements are available within this website section.