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Teacher Preparation Partnerships

If you are interested in becoming a teacher, you can make a difference in children’s lives while you are at Monmouth University. Through the School of Education’s extensive network of school partnerships, you will engage in extensive clinical experiences in preparation for becoming a teacher. In each of these experiences, you will receive one-on-one mentoring

The teacher preparation program at Monmouth University has established partnerships with over 58 schools. These partnerships are made through a cooperative and mutual agreement with P-12 schools and agencies throughout the surrounding counties of Monmouth University.

Partnerships in teacher preparation have a two-fold purpose:

  1. to increase P-12 student learning; and
  2. to promote teacher candidate learning by providing both diverse and sustained clinical experiences. The success of these clinical experiences is due in a large part to the dedication and commitment of classroom teachers who share both their expertise and their classrooms.

Clinical experiences in the classroom begin as early as the first semester of sophomore year and are designed to provide teacher candidates with many varied opportunities to transfer their learning to real life settings and interface with P-12 students of differing abilities, race and cultural backgrounds.

The faculty and staff of the School of Education endorse clinical experience placements in multicultural districts and diverse classrooms. Our students are exposed to a variety of schools while working with individual, small and large groups of students with the emphasis on student engagement and achievement.

We invite you to explore a few of our partnership sites listed on the left hand side of this page.

Contact Information

For more information on Teacher Preparation Partnerships, please contact Corina Earle at or 732-263-5798.