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Goals of the Program

The goals of the Monmouth Future Scholars (MFS) program are as follows:

  1. To offer information to selected, qualified students about access to higher education and Monmouth University.
  2. To provide a consistent support network for students who have demonstrated academic potential and need additional mentoring. This will better facilitate a supportive environment, which ensures their personal and academic success through mentoring and development programs.
  3. To provide support and resources to students and their families concerning the college application process resulting in a significant decrease in demystifying student participation and their capacity to become successful in college.
  4. To engage in social justice and increase access to Monmouth University to students from Long Branch School District as well as students from marginalized or subjugated backgrounds.
  5. To encourage a meaningful positive relationship between students and their mentors and promote social, cultural, and intellectual growth through exposure to on-campus events and activities at Monmouth University.