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Publications and Annual Events

Student Scholarship Exhibition

Each semester, the School of Education hosts a Student Scholarship Exhibition. The purpose of this event is threefold; (1) highlight student scholarly endeavors within our school and celebrate research that is completed or underway, (2) create an opportunity for School of Education students at all levels to think about research and how it improves our respective fields, and (3) recognize and appreciate the work of student peers.

Sustainability Education Conference

The School of Education hosts an annual sustainability education conference for educators, students, administrators, and anyone who is interested in education for sustainability and relevant local and global issues. This conference is free, and educates the broad community about sustainability issues through guest speakers, forum discussion, best practices, student summit, and professional development opportunities about integrating sustainability education into their curricula. The attendees will gain a deeper understanding of these issues and collaborate with others in order to develop networks of support and appropriate responsive actions. If you would like more information or to register for this event, please visit our Sustainability Education Week site.

School of Education Newsletters

Each semester, the School of Education produces and distributes its newsletter to highlight student academic achievements, faculty research and accomplishments, and community and professional development activities, as well as timely conferences and special events.

Literacy Symposium

The School of Education presents its annual Literacy Symposium for area educators involved in literacy development, early reading instruction and related early childhood education initiatives. Workshop sessions presented in both the morning and afternoon offer a wide range of topics for attendees. If you would like more information or to register for this event, please visit our Literacy Symposium Fall 2019 site.

Monmouth University-William Roberts Charitable Foundation Outstanding Teaching Award

Devoted teachers often receive little recognition for their efforts, and students have too few chances to reward them. That’s why each year Monmouth University seniors expecting to graduate have an opportunity to recognize superior teaching by nominating an outstanding secondary school teacher who played an important role in their lives. The Monmouth University-Roberts Charitable Foundation Outstanding Teaching Award is awarded in May. The recipients, up to three each year, are brought to Monmouth and honored at a dinner prior to Commencement to which students and their parents are also be invited. Each honoree receives an award of $1,500. Furthermore, every nominated teacher receives a certificate of recognition.

Write On Sports Camp

Write On Sports invites middle school students in New Jersey – 7th and 8th graders – to participate in a FREE two-week summer day camp to develop professional writing skills through their love of sports. Monmouth School of Education students in conjunction with Monmouth alumni, athletes, and community members work in tandem to ensure a fun program including tours of Monmouth University facilities, story-telling, blogging, and video production. Through the generosity of Monmouth donors, this fun camp will strengthen communication proficiency, while fostering a future path of academic success. Lunch and all supplies will be provided.