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Offices and Departments

The School of Education offers programs that prepare a wide range of professionals, such as teachers, school counselors, principals, speech-language pathologists, and student affairs professionals. Through the Dean’s Office, Office of Certification, Field Placements and School Partnerships, and the four academic departments, the school prepares students to move forward as educational leaders, both inside the classroom and in the local schools and communities.



  • Department of Curriculum and Instruction
    Those looking to become elementary and secondary school teachers can find a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree options leading to teaching certification.
  • Department of Educational Counseling and Leadership
    Students interested in counseling and leadership roles can pursue a degree or endorsement, while also developing the knowledge and experience necessary for certification.
  • Department of Special Education
    Students interested in serving underrepresented populations can pursue a degree or endorsement to enhance their teaching certification.
  • Department of Speech-Language Pathology
    Those students who have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and wish to pursue a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology leading to certification.


  • Advising and Placement Center
    The Advising and Placement Center houses the SoE advisors and clinical placement directors in 123 McAllan. They provide assistance with scheduling courses and arranging clinical placements to students in teacher preparation programs.
  • Literacy Center
    The Literacy Center at Monmouth University offers reading and writing assessment and instruction programs for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade.
  • Center for Speech and Language Disorders
    The Monmouth University Center for Speech and Language Disorders provides an in house clinical experience for first year SLP students, who are supervised by licensed speech-language pathologists while providing services for approximately 55 children and 25 adults. The Center offers evaluation and treatment in a wide variety of areas including: augmentative communication, accent modifications, aphasia, apraxia, articulation disorders, auditory processing disorders, autism, cognition, dementia, language disorders, neurological impairment, phonological disorders, stroke, stuttering and voice.