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Standard 2

Standard 2: Clinical Partnerships and Practice

The provider ensures effective partnerships and high-quality clinical practice are central to candidate preparation. These experiences should be designed to develop candidate’s knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions to demonstrate positive impact on diverse students’ learning and development.

High quality clinical practice offers candidates experiences in different settings and modalities, as well as with diverse P-12 students, schools, families, and communities. Partners share responsibility to identify and address real problems of practice candidates experience in their engagement with P-12 students.


  1. Exhibit 2.1A NAPDS Exemplary Partnership Award Application
  2. Exhibit 2.1B Congratulatory email and NAPDS press release
  3. Exhibit 2.1C School-University Partnership Award Article
  4. Exhibit 2.1D Monmouth University Partnership Agreement Template
  5. Exhibit 2.1E Sample Partnership Agreements
  6. Exhibit 2.1F Partnership Advisory Committees and Members
  7. Exhibit 2.1G Partnership Advisory Committees and Members agendas and minutes
  8. Exhibit 2.1H PDS Committee Minutes
  9. Exhibit 2.1I UTEAC Agendas and Recent Meeting Minutes
  10. Exhibit 2.1J Academy Advisory Members
  11. Exhibit 2.1K Teacher Residency Press Release
  12. Exhibit 2.1L List of Collaborative Conference Presentations
  13. Exhibit 2.1M PDS Partners Article
  14. Exhibit 2.1.N EPP Partnership List
  1. Exhibit 2.2A NJAC 6A: 9A-4.4. – New Jersey Educator Preparation Programs
  2. Exhibit 2.2B Clinical Educator Application
  3. Exhibit 2.2C Mentoring Academy Publications (article and book)
  4. Exhibit 2.2D Clinical Practice Handbook (This includes 17/18, the 18/19 is almost final & will go in with the self- study)
  5. Exhibit 2.2E CPAST Training Slides
  6. Exhibit 2.2F Evaluations of Clinical Faculty by Teacher Candidate
  7. Exhibit 2.2G Clinical Faculty Assessment of Cooperating Teacher
  8. Exhibit 2.2.H Mentor Academy Survey Results
  9. Exhibit 2.3A Clinical Hours
  10. Exhibit 2.3B Data for Diverse Placements in Partnership Districts
  11. Exhibit 2.3C School of Education Service Learning Projects
  12. Exhibit 2.3D The Developmental Curriculum for Clinical Experience in Teacher Education
  13. Exhibit 2.3E Example of Teacher Candidate Remediation Plan