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CAEP Accreditation Status and Approved Programs

Frank Murray Leadership Recognition for Continuous Improvement Award given in 2020

CAEP Accreditation for Initial Programs granted until 12/31/2026

Approved Initial Programs

Monmouth University is proud to announce that all programs leading to initial licensure in the following areas are fully accredited:

  • K-12 Art Education
  • K-12 Music Education
  • K-12 Spanish Education
  • K-12 Health and Physical Education
  • P-3 Early Childhood
  • Elementary
  • Teacher of Students with Disabilities
  • English as a Second Language
  • Secondary English
  • Secondary Math
  • Secondary Science
  • Secondary Social Studies

Advanced Programs

The following Advanced Programs are NCATE legacy programs that are currently under phase-in through CAEP and will be fully reviewed in the 2026 CAEP cycle.

  • Educational Leadership – Principal
  • Educational Leadership – School Administrator
  • Literacy Specialist
  • Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant

Note: The Supervisor, Middle School, and some graduate endorsement programs are not under the review of CAEP.