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Prohibited Items & Behaviors


All appliances used for food preparation (hot plates, hot pots, toaster ovens, blenders), air fresheners similar to “plug-ins”, grills or grilling devices, stand alone microwave ovens, popcorn poppers, multiple cup coffee makers are prohibited in the Residence halls. In addition, halogen lamps (floor or desk) and octopus lamps (with multiple heads or more lights with plastic light covers) are not permitted. Possession or use of these appliances in the residence halls will result in an administrative fine and confiscation of the appliance. These appliances are considered a serious fire hazard because they create intense heat. Single-serve coffee makers (k-cups or pods) are the only coffee makers permitted.

Business From Residents’ Rooms

Residents are not permitted to carry on any organized business for remunerative purposes from their room/apartment or; inscribe or affix any sign, object, advertisement, or notice on any part of the inside or outside of the building premises; or use their room phone numbers or network connections, for business purposes.


Due to possible fire concerns, no candles are permitted in any campus or University sponsored facility.

Ceiling Decorations

No material may be affixed to the ceiling in any University owned campus. This includes flag, banners, signs, paper, posters, or tapestries,

Cooking in Rooms

Cooking is only permitted in student rooms using an approved microfridge. Appliances such as toasters, popcorn poppers, and toaster ovens are not permitted. Stand alone microwave ovens are not allowed in student rooms. Microwave ovens are located in each hall’s common areas for public use. Exceptions: microwaves are permitted in Garden, Great Lawn, Maplewood Apartments and University Bluffs.


The Office of Residential Life prides itself on being an open and all-embracing community. No member shall violate the rights of or deny the privileges of the residential community to another person for reasons of race, color, sex, age, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender expression, disability, marital status, or military status. The placing of materials on doors is prohibited when it is determined to be offensive or that it creates a hostile environment. If item can be seen from outside, Residential Life and Housing staff can ask for it to be removed.

DJ Equipment

DJ equipment is not permitted within any university owned or sponsored facility. If residents of an on-campus apartment wish to utilize DJ equipment for a social gathering, they must obtain permission, in advance, from their Area Coordinator. At no time should music be audible outside a specific apartment unit. Additional guidelines will be found in the Social Affairs Policy.

Domestic Violence

The State of New Jersey’s interpretation of the “Domestic Violence” Statute will hold roommates, suitemates, and apartment-mates that are associated with acts of physical violence accountable under this law and will be charged accordingly.

E-bikes and Hover Boards

Due to the fire dangers associated with charging the batteries of these devices, the batteries are not permitted to be charged inside the residence halls.

Extension Cords

Extension cords are not permitted in University Owned or Sponsored Housing per the University’s Fire and Safety Policy. It is suggested that all residents only use surge protectors.

Fire Hazards – General

Collection or storage of materials, supplies, or personal property that constitute a fire hazard as determined by the University is prohibited. Storage or use of combustible materials, explosives, fireworks, or firearms is prohibited. Use of outside TV or radio antennas, sun lamps, halogen lamps, heat lamps, or space heaters is prohibited. A power strip with a surge protector must be used if there are three or more appliances plugged in. Power strips must be plugged directly into an outlet. Power strips should not be plugged into another power strip. Extension cords are not permitted. The use of acetate, cellophane, tissue paper, or other combustible materials over or in light fixtures is prohibited. Curtains on windows, or hanging from the ceiling are prohibited.


All types of fireworks, fire crackers, sparklers are prohibited on all University owned, sponsored facilities and grounds.

Flammable Items

Items which are flammable, such as hazardous fuels, liquids, or objects (i.e. gasoline, kerosene, fireworks, propane tanks, turpentine or other similar art supplies) are prohibited. This includes motorized vehicles of any type.


Gambling is prohibited in all University owned and/or University sponsored housing.


All types of barbecue grills are prohibited from campus facilities and University sponsored facilities.

Harmful Behavior

Harmful behavior is any action that jeopardizes the safety and well-being of any person within the residence hall and is strictly prohibited. Any resident that threatens the safety of another student within the residence hall will be subject to disciplinary action. Harmful behavior includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Athletic Endeavors: Engaging in games of frisbee, football, handball, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, bicycle riding, roller blading, skate boarding and participating in other such activities within the residence halls is not allowed.
  • Elevators: Riding on top of, tampering with, or damaging elevator equipment is strictly prohibited.
  • Medical Wastes: Any resident with a medical condition must dispose of medical wastes in an appropriate manner. Students should consult with professionals in the Health Services Center about the appropriate disposal of medical wastes. See “Needle Disposal” for more information.
  • Restricted Areas: No one is permitted on the roof of any building, nor on the edge, sill, or railing of windows. Furthermore, no one is allowed to drop or suspend any objects from windows, roofs or fire escapes. Your screens should remain in place at all times.
  • Weapons Possession: All types of guns, firearms, knife, slingshots, or lethal weapons of any sort (or reasonable facsimiles thereof), as well as fireworks, explosive materials and hazardous chemicals are strictly prohibited. Any type of weapon capable of firing a projectile, including BB guns, pellet guns or any other battery operated projectile weapon is included in this prohibition.
  • Harassment: All resident students deserve to live in an environment free from all forms of harassment. Harassment may take the form of a verbal, written or physical expression that is ethnic, sexual, or personal in nature. Any student who experiences harassment should report the incident to a RA, CA, an AC, or a Monmouth University Police Officer. Any resident that is found responsible for harassing another student may be removed from the residence hall and may face further disciplinary action. Being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is not considered mitigating circumstances in the consideration of a harassment case.

Halogen Lamps

Halogen lamps are not allowed in the residence halls, due to their potential fire hazard.


Possession of and burning incense or spices such as sage in the residence hall are not permitted. Electric potpourri pots are prohibited.

Miniature “Holiday” or “Theme” Lights

Miniature lights are only permitted to be attached to walls or ceiling in any University Owned or University sponsored facility if they are battery/solar operated. Strings of electric miniature lights whose source is from an electrical outlet are permitted on artificial trees. (except those that are metallic). Miniature lights are only permitted on trees during the holiday period as outlined by Residential Life.

Mopeds and Motorcycles

Motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, etc. are not permitted inside a residence hall. No flammable or combustible fluid of any kind is to be in the buildings.

Open Flames

Items, which require an open flame to operate, or which produce heat (i.e., lighted candles, incense, indoor & outdoor grills, or any device with an open flame or heating element.) are not allowed in residents’ rooms. Unburned candles may not be used for decorative purposes.


Students are not permitted to paint any surface in a campus or university sponsored facility.

Personal Furniture

Personal furniture in residence halls or apartments is not permitted. This includes couches, oversized chairs, futons, etc.

Posting of Advertisements

In an effort to disseminate information to resident students in a consistent and easy to find format, the following policy related to posting materials in the residence halls was developed. The Posting Policy is designed to improve the aesthetics of our residence halls and decrease the damage to our facilities from improper posting. Your assistance and that of your department or student club/organization is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to everyone working together to maintain a beautiful campus environment. These procedures also reduce the fire hazards associated with flyers and signs that often clutter residence halls. This policy applies to all recognized student groups and all departments at Monmouth University.

Materials from businesses and other community enterprises are prohibited from being in the residence halls and may only be posted in the Rebecca Stafford Student Center.

  • Public areas (lobbies, hallways, main or corridor entrances)
    • All materials will be approved by the Office of Residential Life and stamped accordingly. There should be 37 flyers (one per area) or 12 flyers (one per building) provided to the Office of Residential Life. Extra flyers will be destroyed and recycled.
    • All materials will be hung by Residential Life staff members in designated areas. Posters should be no larger than 8 ½ x 17 in size. 28
    • Any materials that promote the use of alcohol or other drugs or that discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, creed, national origin or ancestry, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, or Vietnam-era status are strictly prohibited.
    • Materials shall not be affixed to entrance/exit doors except for two 8 ½ x 11 objects and a memo/dry erase board. e. Approval from other offices does not supersede or take place of approval from Residential Life.
    • Sliding flyers under doors or the mailbox distribution of pamphlets, leaflets or flyers is not permitted.
    • Flyers/posters should be brought to the office no more than 10 days and no less than 3 days prior to the event
    • Materials may not be hung out of windows.
    • Any material visible to the public may not be inconsistent with established community standards or Monmouth University and the Office of Residential Life.
    • All postings and flyers must be in compliance with the University Policy on solicitation.
    • Any material not posted by a Residential Life staff member will be promptly removed and discarded.
    • Posters/advertisements for events occurring on multiple dates or over the course of the semester, will be removed at the end of each semester.
  • Common Areas of suites and apartments:
    • Only 10% of any wall may have coverage by posters and flyers.
    • Materials may be posted by individuals who occupy the bedrooms without Residential Life approval.
    • Materials posted may not violate the policies of Monmouth University, State or Federal Law.
    • Materials posted within suites may not be lewd, offensive, made to intimidate, coercive, etc. and will be removed and destroyed if present.
    • Materials may not be posted on ceilings.

Sales and Canvassing

Unless given express consent by the University, the following applies:

  • Door-to-door solicitation, sales and canvassing are not permitted. Door-to-door distribution of flyers or leaflets or the placement of these items on cars is prohibited.
  • Posting flyers on bulletin boards, walls and windows is prohibited. Students may not engage in any sales, business, marketing, or telemarketing activities in their units or within any public area of University Housing facilities.


For the residents’ protection against fraudulent sales and annoyance, soliciting is not permitted in University Housing without the prior written approval of the Vice President for Student and Community Services or their designee. This does not include fund-raising events conducted by officially recognized University organizations. However, these organizations must have the approval of the Office of Residential Life in order to sell any product or service in the Residence Halls or Apartments. In the Residence Halls, food and soft drinks may only be delivered to the main lobby. Residents should meet the food delivery personnel there face to face when picking up their food. Any approved soliciting and selling is restricted to the main lobbies of the residence hall and should NEVER occur on residence hall floors.

Sound Equipment

Stereos, radios and televisions should be played at volumes that cannot be heard outside the resident’s living unit. The use of headphones for stereo equipment is recommended. Stereo speakers are not allowed in windows. Electronically amplified instruments are not allowed in the apartments and suites. If excessive noise results from abuse of volume levels, the resident may be required to remove the equipment from the residential facilities.


The use of sports equipment and playing sports in hallways or rooms are not permitted.


Possession of weapons (firearms, BB guns, pellet, battery operated, nun chucks, stars, explosives, knives, “Soft Air Guns” or any item deemed to be a weapon by University 37 Police.) in any University owned/sponsored housing is prohibited and can result in suspension or expulsion from the University and possible arrest.

Windows and Screens

Window screens must not be unfastened or removed. A fine will be issued for the removal or tampering with security bands or stickers

  • Food may not be stored between windows and screens or outside of windows at any time.
  • Displays in windows which are deemed inappropriate by the Area Coordinator and not removed by the resident(s) will be removed by Facilities Management and the resident(s) billed for this service.
  • Under no circumstances will the throwing of objects from any windows in the Residence Halls be tolerated. Such conduct poses a danger to the health and safety of other residents. Residents assigned to a room from which an object is thrown may also be subject to judicial action.
  • Attachments to or through windows (such as antennas, air conditioners, etc.) are strictly prohibited. e. Residents are not permitted to sit on window ledges.