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Housing Contract

Housing Contract

As a resident student, either in the residence halls, apartments, or other university-sponsored housing you are required to sign a University Housing Contract before checking into your building. This Contract is a legally binding document and should be treated the same way you would treat a lease at an off-campus location. Please become familiar with the stipulations included in the Contract since you will be held to all the terms for the duration of your occupancy. Undergraduate students who are matriculating for a degree at the University and who are registered for 12 undergraduate credits or more are eligible to reside in the Residence Halls. Graduate students may apply for housing at University Bluffs, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students with special educational needs who are required to take fewer than twelve credits should have the appropriate advisor forward this information to the Office of Residential Life in writing prior to the beginning of each semester. Students who drop to part-time status in the spring semester are not automatically exempted from their housing contracts. The same conditions apply as for returning students seeking to terminate contracts (listed below). Any student who has his/her class schedule canceled will have a period of five (5) business days to rectify that situation. Failure to do so will require the student to vacate his/her room assignment at that time. Violations of this procedure will result in administrative fines and judicial action. During break periods, students will be required to sign a supplemental housing contract governing their time in the residence hall during this special time period. The school year housing contract is also in effect during break periods. Students living at the University Bluffs must sign a supplemental housing contract upon checking in and receiving their room keys. If you have any questions about the University Housing Contract, please direct them to your Area Coordinator or the Residential Life Office.

Housing Contract Cancellation

The University Housing Contract is for the full academic year, (September through May). The Contract may only be canceled for the following reasons:

  • Withdrawal from the University
  • Transfer to another University
  • Academic Dismissal
  • Graduation
  • Study Abroad

To seek a release for one of these reasons, a request must be made in writing to the Residential Life Office, accompanied by supporting documentation. All specific deadlines concerning contract cancellation are outlined in the University Housing Contract.

Withdrawal from University Residence Halls

A student who lives in the residence halls and who is withdrawing from the University and/or the residence halls must complete the following:

  • Formally withdraw from the University by following all procedures specified in the Undergraduate Catalog.
  • Notify, in writing, the Office of Residential Life of their intent to withdraw from University housing.
  • Notify their area coordinator and complete the necessary checkout and room inventory procedures and forms, including having their room inventoried and the Room Condition Report completed by their resident assistant or area coordinator as specified in the section entitled “Room Inventory” in the Residential Life Guidebook.
  • Return keys if you are withdrawing from the residence halls. All students must return all keys before leaving at the end of the spring semester. Failure to turn in keys prior to leaving will result in being charged for such whether or not they are returned at a later date.
  • Once all procedures have been completed, a resident student must vacate the room within 24 hours, including the return of all keys belonging to the University.

Please note: Students will be responsible for all costs associated with their room/apartment until all keys are formally returned and in accordance with Residential Life’s refund policy.

Housing Contract Refund

(Room Assignment & Meal Plan) The Office of Residential Life will follow the U.S. Federal Refund Policy. Your housing is officially cancelled the date you officially checkout of your room and return your key.

Additionally, a $500 contract cancellation fee will be imposed as detailed in the Housing Contract. An official copy of this policy may be obtained in the Office of Residential Life or the Bursars office.