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Campus Dining Areas

This dining facility is the main food service facility for resident board plan students. The residential Dining Hall is open seven days a week. A variety of food and beverages are provided in a pleasant and picturesque dining room. The facility is open to board and non-board students. A different menu is available each day along with a carving area, a grill area, deli line, extensive salad bar, fresh pasta, pizza and a selection of desserts and beverages including self-serve ice cream. A “Cook your Own” station is also available to diners as well. The diner is also available daily and features two specials during their time of operation. An area that features vegan and gluten free food options are available on a daily basis. A daily menu is available and the Magill Commons hours of operation can be obtained by checking Gourmet Dining Website.

Change of Meal Plan – Meal Plan Appeal

Meal plan changes may be made at specified times:

  • For the Fall Semester, you may change (apartment residents may drop) your meal plan by the date designated by the Office of Residential Life.
  • For the Spring semester, you may change your meal plan after December 1st through the date designated by the Office of Residential Life in the spring semester.
  • A student may appeal for exemption from the meal plan on the basis of religious practice or medical needs (with proper documentation) by filing a completed appeal form and documentation as instructed on the form no later than March 1st for continuing students or May 1st for new students for the Fall Semester. Exemptions for the Spring semester must be requested by December 1st.

General Notes Covering the Meal Plan

  • Once you have selected a meal plan, or have been assigned a meal plan, you are responsible for the entire cost of the meal plan even if you do not use the plan. Your University ID must be presented at each meal.
  • Shoes and shirts must be worn in all dining areas.
  • When dining at the resident Dining Hall, all food must be consumed within the dining hall. Food should not be removed from the dining hall in any type of container, including bags, plastic containers, and boxes unless you have chosen the “To Go” food option and received the appropriate container from the front desk. Additionally, the removal of trays, utensils, plates, etc. is considered theft and will be handled accordingly, as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Meals do not carry over to another semester. University Meal Plan privileges are non-transferable and unauthorized use subjects both parties to disciplinary action.

Meal Plan

Monmouth University requires all resident students who live in University housing to participate in a resident student meal plan. The only students who are exempt from this requirement are students who reside in the Garden Apartments, Great Lawn Apartments, Maplewood, and University Bluffs.