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Step-by-Step Guide to Using DoD Tuition Assistance (TA) at Monmouth

We strongly recommend you start this process at least 4 weeks prior to the semester start date.

  1. Apply for admission to Monmouth and print your degree plan. You will need to upload your degree plan to your service component’s TA portal.
  2. Meet with your academic advisor and register for courses. NB: all branches require registration prior to approval.
  3. Let Xochil Ramirez at Veteran Services and Tabitha Conlan at Financial Aid know that you will be paying for your courses with TA funds.
  4. Meet with your Education Services Officer (ESO) for a briefing on TA. If you need assistance in identifying or contacting your ESO, please contact Xochil Ramirez at or 732-263-5258.
  5. Log into your branch education portal and follow their process for enrolling and requesting TA (see below for portal links). You will need to make a separate request for each course with a unique start date.
  6. If your branch does not automatically forward your TA authorization, send your ESO-approved forms to us via fax 732.263.5100 or email to
  7. Disclose all sources of aid: Please contact Tabitha Conlan, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, via email or 732.263.5506 if you plan to ensure that you take advantage of all sources of aid to which you are entitled  and to disclose any other aid you might be receiving.

Service Branch TA Portals

Each branch of the service has a specific TA process. Please select your branch portal below for the most up-to-date information.