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Cost and Financial Aid

Know What’s Available

For Undergraduate Students

The Financial Aid Office at Monmouth University administers a combination of grants, scholarships, loans, financing options, and employment opportunities. Students are considered for both University scholarships (based on the student’s academic performance) and federal and state need-based grants (eligibility for which is determined by the student’s and family’s financial circumstances). A wide range of loans and popular financing options are available, with programs for both students and parents to borrow long-term loans with low interest rates and flexible repayment plans. In addition, we also provide interest-free monthly payment plans that require no borrowing. Students may also be able to earn money through employment opportunities, both on and off campus.

Financial aid awards are processed annually and offered based upon financial need, enrollment status, availability of funds, maintenance of satisfactory academic progress, and the meeting of all necessary federal, state, and institutional eligibility requirements.

For Graduate Students

Students pursuing a graduate degree at Monmouth University may be eligible for some types of student financial assistance, including but not limited to student loans and assistantships. Graduate students must follow the same steps as undergraduates in applying for federal student assistance.

There are a variety of financial aid programs available to graduate students, including scholarships, assistantships, and loan programs. Financial aid awards are processed annually and offered upon continued financial need, enrollment status, availability of funds, and maintenance of satisfactory academic progress.

For Veterans/Military Personnel

There are a variety of educational benefit programs offered by the Department of Veteran Affairs. In addition, federal financial aid is available to students who are in a degree-seeking or certificate program and have completed a Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Please remember military bridge students are not eligible for federal financial aid while they are in provisional student status (first semester).