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Gilian Shaw ’12

To watch Gillian on television, click here and to read about her in Monmouth Magazine, click here!


About Gilian

Gillian Shaw, a New Jersey native, graduated as a Jane Freed Outstanding Honors Student from Monmouth University Honors School (2012) with a degree in Chemistry. She then moved on to the University of Notre Dame, culminating in two Master’s degrees – Organic Chemistry (2015) and Entrepreneurship (2016). Throughout her studies, Gillian has become driven to utilize her business and scientific skill-sets as tools to promote positive change in Indiana. Gillian moved on from academia to become an enFocus Fellow executing on several healthcare-driven projects, including her current entrepreneurial effort, Healthy Points, the recent co-winner of the McCloskey New Venture Competition Community Grand prize (2018).

About Healthy Points

Healthy Points is a technology-based behavior modification tool that connects patients of like diseases or conditions with each other and local healthcare staff while rewarding healthy actions with points. As co-founder of Healthy Points, Gillian has implemented the technology’s use within several disease populations including at-risk pregnancy and sickle cell disease youth. Learn more about Healthy Points by emailing Gillian at