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M.A. in Anthropology – Career Opportunities – Masters in Anthropology

Program Breadth Drives Future Opportunities

Anthropologists do research abroad and at home, in rural traditional communities and megacities. The human experience is vast and varied, and anthropology can offer a unique perspective on every type of human community, from Amazonian shamans to American lab scientists. As anthropologist David Graeber said, “Because anthropology studies human beings, there really isn’t much that’s not covered by it. I suppose you can’t study astrophysics, but you can study astrophysicists.” Anthropologists work in universities, think-tanks, museums, cultural preservation organizations, international financial institutions, government organizations, and NGOs, not to mention some of the world’s largest companies like Google, Nokia, and Adidas. Microsoft is the second largest employer of anthropologists in the world. Our M.A. in Anthropology gives you a comprehensive base of knowledge about the world and its cultures—the perfect foundation for a variety of dynamic, exciting careers.

Our renowned faculty help you focus on your interests and customize your program through a combination of hybrid coursework, field research opportunities, internships, independent study and other options. With a robust network of employers and alumni, Monmouth has powerful tools to help you find your dream career. Here is what some of our recent alums are doing:

  • US Forest Service Archaeologist
  • Mapping and Photography Specialist at the American Museum of Natural History
  • Senior Archaeologist, Richard Grubb and Associates
  • Cultural Resource Specialist, FEMA

Our alums have also gone on to Ph.D. programs in anthropology at places like UMass Amherst, Case Western Reserve University, the University of Tennessee, and the University of South Florida.

At Monmouth University, I studied with Dr. Rich Veit and Dr. Adam Heinrich. Monmouth University shares a professional network with several cultural resource management (CRM) firms and state institutions in New Jersey. Thanks to these connections, I was able to complete an internship with a local CRM firm, Richard Grubb and Associates, Inc (RGA, Inc.), during my third semester at MU. I was later offered a full-time position with the company just prior to my graduation. Today, I continue to work for RGA, Inc. as an Archaeologist and G.I.S. Specialist.

Tabitha Hilliard
M.A. in Anthropology, ’13