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Concentrations and Certification

Principal/Supervisor Program (32 credits)

This is a fully online program designed for teachers and other educational professionals seeking to become school principals. All courses have field experiences imbedded in them. In [EDL 589 and EDL 590A], and [EDL 590 and EDL 590B] are the 300 hours of Internship. After completing this program and passing the School Leadership Licensing Assessment candidates will gain an MSEd degree, a Supervisor’s Certificate and a Principal’s Certificate of Eligibility.

Principal/Supervisor/School Administrator Program (35 credits)

Also fully online, this program is designed for teachers or other educational professionals seeking to become school principals and central office administrators. The additional course that is included in this program EDL 620 Internship in Executive Leadership provides an opportunity for 150 hours of internship at the central office level. It is recommended that students obtain their Principal’s Certificate before taking the extra course. The EDL 620 course will then provide Candidates with a Certificate of Eligibility for a Superintendent’s position.

The Supervisor’s Certification courses are embedded within the Principal/Supervisor program.

  • Students who complete that program graduate with both a Supervisor’s Certificate and a Principal’s Certificate of Eligibility.
  • If you already have a master’s degree, you may take the four courses necessary for that certification without being enrolled in the Principal’s program.

Certification courses:

  • EDL-536: Instructional Theory and Curriculum Design, P-12
  • EDL-569: Public School Supervision
  • EDL-582: Practicum in Supervision and Curriculum, P-12
  • EDL-593: Administration and Supervision of Literacy Practices and Professional Development for School Leaders

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My experience in the Educational Leadership program at Monmouth University was nothing short of excellent. Throughout the program I learned how to harness the full potential of school stakeholders in order to positively impact schools for all children. My coursework and internship in the Educational Leadership program at Monmouth University provided me with the ability to take on new challenges, achieve and create meaningful resources in my current role as Supervisor of Instruction. The experiences gained and relationships built are invaluable to me as an educator and leader.

Katie Harms
Supervisor of Gifted and Talented, K-5 Science, and K-8 Social Studies
Freehold Township School District