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Education Leadership – Academy Programs – Masters in Education Administration

Academy Programs and Interview Skills

In addition to a comprehensive Educational Leadership graduate program taught by experienced and accomplished faculty members, our program also ensures that you’re prepared for interviews, school board interaction, and other professional encounters. Some of the related program features include:

Principal Academy

A series of four sessions each year designed to support administrators in principal positions in local school districts. In an effort to increase the importance of principal administration, these workshops and educational sessions are offered at the University.

Superintendent Academy

This exceptional annual event brings together students and faculty from the University with education leaders from the community to create a forum for dialogue, as well as for exchanging ideas and experiences. The academy will provide professional growth opportunities for superintendents and central office personnel. Additionally, the Academy allows you to create a network of support and establish a collaborative relationship with the university and its resources.

Mock Interviews

Working with regional schools, we train you to interview for high-level school leadership positions. You’ll have an opportunity to practice your interview skills and showcase your professional experience in the best light possible, preparing you for doing so in a real-world setting.