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How to Pay Your Bill

The Office of the Bursar is responsible for billing of tuition and fees, third-party agreements, payment plans and refunds.  Bills are emailed to students on a semester by semester basis whether or not there is a payment due.  All payment arrangements should be in place by the due date on the bill to avoid cancellation of the student’s schedule.  To review payment options, please visit the website for the Office of the Bursar.

Students may access their billing information, make online payments, select a refund option and add authorized users to their account at any time through the Student Bill & Payment Center.  For access, students should log into the myMU portal and click on the Student Bill & Payment Center.  Students who would like others to receive billing notifications may add authorized users to their account simply by entering the user’s email address.  Authorized users may also make online payments and set up a payment plan.  Students who have planned their financial aid so that they receive a “refund” of excess funds for things like rent, utilities, food, and travel expenses should select direct deposit as the way their will receive those funds.  (Note that while direct deposit is not required, students using direct deposit will receive their refund sooner than those who opt for a paper check mailed to the home address.) Instructions on how to sign up for direct deposit.

Additional loan options are also available to assist in paying the student’s bill; loans available for both students and parents.  Review the options for undergraduate students and for graduate students.

How do I purchase my books?

Students whose financial aid is in excess of their semester charges may use these funds for required books and supplies in the University Store.  No action is required by the student.  The Office of the Bursar will notify the University Store of the students who have excess funds, or a “credit” on their account and when purchasing course materials in the University Store students should indicate that they are using financial aid for their purchase; students making an online purchase from the University store should follow ordering instructions.  Please note that all financial aid must be complete and approved prior to being eligible to use financial aid to purchase books.  Students will need to present a valid ID when using financial aid for book purchases in the University Store.