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Faces Of Monmouth

Faces Of Monmouth

Jennifer Lee

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Meet Jennifer

Monmouth University prides itself on being a military-friendly university, a designation it has received from several different publications in recent years. For students like Jennifer Lee, who plans on entering the Army Medical Corps after college, Monmouth’s military-friendly attributes enhance its other attractive qualities.

“I enrolled at Monmouth for multiple reasons—not only was it a thirty-minute drive from my house, but the financial aid and scholarships I received were also very enticing,” Jennifer said. “When I visited Monmouth, the campus was very beautiful. I could get across it without any other form of transportation besides walking, and that convenience was a big factor. The small class sizes were also exactly what I wanted, and Monmouth fulfilled that. And the professors are top-notch.”

Jennifer doesn’t have a vision for a specialty after entering the Army Medical Corps but hopes to continue to expand her horizons after she enlists.

“Within the Army Medical Corps, I haven't really focused on a specific job within the field yet,” Jennifer said. “I am planning to keep my options open and to try out different fields or specialties that the Medical Corps will expose me to. I would then choose what complements my abilities and what fits my interests.”


Freehold, NJ

How Monmouth helped me achieve my goals

“Although I may not have realized it at first, the moment I received Monmouth University's acceptance letter and enrolled in my first semester of classes in my first year, I chose a path that would, for the next four years, significantly change my life. From the many interesting courses offered to the fantastic professors that teach these classes, each and every one of these experiences began to build up and shape who I am—enhancing my ability to achieve my future goal of pursuing a career in the Army Medical Corps.”

Organizations that helped me as a student

“Coming in as an honors student at Monmouth University, I was given the opportunity to not only be assigned a mentor, but a friend that I could just talk with about anything that was on my mind as I transitioned into college from high school. After realizing just how crucial the role of having a mentor was, I immediately applied to become one for the Honors School at the end of my first year. To have the opportunity to become a mentor and make a difference to the upcoming class of honors students, I was excited when I was assigned two fantastic mentees who are now great friends of mine. I cannot wait to see who I will be assigned to in upcoming years and who I will help through the transition to college—just like my mentor helped me.

“My experience as a mentor has definitely changed the way I interact with other people. My ability to listen and then to rationally create a solution to problems has improved. Being able to give advice, like where to go if you want to get tutored in a specific subject, if there is another place to recharge my laundry card besides going to the other side of the campus, and even what are some best places to eat around Monmouth are some of the questions that I now automatically answer for my mentees.”

Collaborations that I've been involved with

“I had the chance to get into a research program early in my college career. To have started my research experience as a sophomore was a huge advantage, and being able to work in a lab consisting of unbelievable colleagues and a fantastic research professor, Jonathan Ouellet, gave me an opportunity to further my experience in science. I was also given the chance to participate in the School of Science Summer Research Program for 2014, and the knowledge that I have acquired so far has been nothing but enjoyable and very fascinating.

“My research with Dr. Ouellet has been valuable. The point of the research is to create a diagnostics tool, which in this case would be an RNA aptamer, a chain of proteins that binds to a specific molecule, that would help us diagnose patients with cancer earlier. This early opportunity has not only helped expose me to what I can do in the medical field but also helped me with the hands-on experience needed for medical school.

“The Summer Research Program is a 12-week program during which you work on collaborative research projects under the supervision of faculty and staff. During the summer of 2014, I was able to focus mainly on my research which is biochemistry-based, in which I worked with DNA, RNA, hammerhead ribozymes, the SELEX process, and a lot more. I used a variety of techniques and learned a lot of different methods that helped me gain enough information to present at the School of Science Summer Research Program Symposium.”

Why I'm proud of Monmouth

“I know that my Monmouth education has prepared me for the real world. Not only am I qualified for a career that I want to pursue, I know that even after I graduate, Monmouth will be there for me.”

A photo of Jennifer Lee

Degree Program

B.S. Biology, B.S. Biology with a Concentration in Molecular Cell Physiology and B.S. Health Studies

Class Year



Freehold, NJ

Favorite Activity

Honors School peer mentoring, School of Science peer mentoring