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Andrew Cohen

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Meet Andrew

Andrew Cohen, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Art and Design, practices what he teaches. A professor of art history, Dr. Cohen not only encourages students to look at the world around them, but inspires them to develop an aptitude for active, authentic observation.

With a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in art history, Dr. Cohen has traveled the world. His specialty is the art history of India, where he completed about three years of field work. His research and publications from India span from medieval to contemporary art. He has also researched in other parts of Asia, such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, and China.

Dr. Cohen is not only a firm believer in the study of art history as a research pursuit, but is an active promoter of art education for all students. He explains that today's world is so visually rich as a result of the digital revolution that it is more critical than ever for graduates from all disciplines to go out into the world as visually literate contributors and observers of this explosion of imagery saturating media and communications, and more.

"Understanding how images are used is so important," he said. "Images have consequences and being able to see and question the visual world critically is a relevant function of art history that is very much a part of today."

Dr. Cohen has also recently become a participant in creating images. During field trips for his research, he would take record shots to illustrate his publications, particularly his book, Temple Architecture and Sculpture of the Nolambas, and other articles. Now, as a natural growth from his academic pursuits, he has developed into an accomplished still photographer.

Dr. Cohen has completed a cultural study of orthodox Jews in Jerusalem and he is also a proficient street and urban photographer. "Through the years and travels, my interests and needs have changed," he said. "Photography now is an obsession, a creative communication that keeps me going."

Dr. Cohen's award-winning photographs can be found in national exhibitions and he has works that are part of private collections.

Why I'm proud of Monmouth

"I’m proud of our art and design students. Our programs in animation, graphic and interactive design, photography and other studio arts are filled with creative and smart students. I enjoy my interaction with them in my Asian art history courses and I am proud that Monmouth University strongly supports the arts."

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Professor and Chair of the Department of Art and Design


Art and Design