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Diversity & Inclusion

Monmouth University is committed to advancing diversity and inclusion efforts that ensure everyone on our campus feels welcome and supported. We are guided by our core values that embrace diversity, integrity, a caring campus, and excellence in teaching and learning. While great strides have been made over the years to build an inclusive and welcoming culture, we know there is more we can do. Looking ahead, three areas of opportunity will guide us on this journey:

  • Ensuring a comprehensive, holistic diversity and inclusion agenda across the university.
  • Creating a more inclusive campus experience by improving education and training, programming, and curriculum integration.
  • Recruiting and retaining a more diverse workforce and student body.

These ongoing efforts will strengthen our campus community, and better prepare our students for life after Monmouth as they become leaders in a diverse and increasingly interdependent world.

Patrick F. Leahy Ed.D.

Our Values


Welcoming and inclusive • Respect for others • Cultural understanding • Global perspective


Honor • Ethics • Civility and collegiality • Accountability in planning, actions, resources and outcomes

Caring Campus

Lifelong dedication to students • Responsive personal counseling • Enhancement of the quality of life

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Scholarship that emphasizes discovery, integration, application, and teaching


Be a force for positive economic, cultural, and social development in our communities.

Empowerment of University Community

Prepare students to realize their potential as leaders and to become engaged citizens in a diverse and increasingly interdependent world.