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Procedure for Requesting Alternative Testing

Intent: To inform students whose documented disability makes it necessary to utilize alternative testing accommodations about the procedure.

Accountability: The Department of Disability Services, the ADA/504 Coordinator and students who have selected to self-identify as a person with disability requesting disability related accommodations and support services.

Applicability: Students enrolled full-time or part-time at Monmouth University who are registered with the Department of Disability Services and approved to receive alternative testing accommodations.


  • Business Day: is defined as Monday–Friday, 8:45 a.m.–5 p.m.; weekend and holiday dates are not included.

Procedure: Students requesting alternative testing accommodations must complete the following steps at least 2 business days before an exam date:

Students are expected to take exams at the same time as class unless scheduling conflict occurs (back-to-back courses) and with the permission of faculty member.

  1. Register with DDS and be approved for alternative testing accommodations.
  2. Sign in to Accommodate and select “Testing Room”.
  3. Select “New Booking Request”. New test room booking requests must be made at least 2 business days in advance of the test date.
  4. Select the “Course, Date and Time Range” of the test.
  5. When prompted enter yes or no when asked if it is a final exam.
  6. Override course length
    • If the class is receiving anything less than the full class period to complete the exam, select “yes” and enter the length the class is receiving.
  7. For “Building”, select DDS Office.
  8. Select “check availability” at the bottom of the page. Available time slots will populate on the right side of the screen.
  9. Select “Time Slot” located to the right.
  10. Enter the title of the exam and include any additional information needed in the notes section of the form.
  11. Select “Submit Request”.

Once submitted the students will see the request in pending status on the Test Room Booking tab and will receive an email confirmation of the request. Additionally, faculty will receive an email notifying them that a Test Room Booking Request has been submitted.

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