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Note Taking Services

Intent: To outline the process of requesting Note Taking services. 

Accountability: The Department of Disability Services, the ADA/504 Coordinator and students who have selected to self-identify as a person with disability requesting disability related accommodations and support services.

Applicability: Students registered with the Department of Disability Services and approved for note taking services. 

Procedure: Students requesting note taking services must complete the following steps: 

  1. Register with the Department of Disability Services (DDS) and be approved for Note Taking services.
  2. Once approved, students will receive note taking services via appropriate assistive technology.
  3. Students will sign the “Audio Recorded Lecture Policy Agreement” in which they agree they will use the audio course recordings solely as a disability related accommodation for academic use and will not share or distribute the recordings in any format. Students further agree that recordings will not be used against faculty members whose comments are recorded, and no personal information will be captured.
  4. Once the Audio Recorded Lecture Policy Agreement is signed, students can record lectures utilizing a device such as a computer, laptop, tablet or phone, third-party platforms provide audio recordings of class lectures and transcriptions of course content.
  5. A small number of recorders are available through DDS for loan.
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