All Clear, Delayed Opening – July 23, 2024

All clear. Our investigation has been concluded and there is no threat to campus. The shelter-in-place has been lifted.

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Support Services

New Student Orientation

A special session designated for students with disabilities is offered to newly registered students. At this time students, are introduced to the disability services staff, review University disability related polices and procedures, and learn how to access resources available to students with disabilities. The session is open to all new students with documented disabilities, including transfer students.

Specialized Learning Assistance

Monmouth University offers a continuum of specialized assistance to students with disabilities. This assistance is designed to help students identify and understand their disabilities, practice appropriate learning and study strategies, find and utilize available campus services and resources, and develop the confidence and communication skills necessary for self-advocacy. The continuum of services can be seen as ranging from direct instruction (small group or individual) to consultation. Workshops are also offered each semester on a variety of topics. It is the goal of DDS to move students along the continuum. A freshman would likely use more of the direct instruction services, while a senior would use the consultation services. However, a student may be using a variety of services across the continuum at any one time.

Assistance with Accommodation Selection, Self-Disclosure, and Self-Advocacy

Students have the opportunity to discuss individual accommodation needs with a disability specialist. A form letter, which serves as an alert notice and as verification of the student’s disability, is completed. The student will self-advocate as needed.

Referrals for Tutoring

Students are referred to the Math and Writing Centers when in need of basic skills assistance. For subject area tutoring, students are referred to the University’s Tutoring Center

Academic Monitoring

DDS staff members may contact students who are reported on the Monmouth Early Warning System report, have low midterm grades, or are on probation. Conferences can be arranged between students and staff members to discuss academic progress and to determine intervention strategies. At that time, students may need to consider utilization of accommodations or services that may assist them in becoming successful. A plan of action is developed.

Academic Planning

In addition to the content specific academic advising offered by the CSS and the students’ academic departments, the DDS offers specialized pre-advising assistance and planning that is focused on the needs of students with disabilities. The pre-advising sessions assist students in planning a tentative schedule that attempts to accentuate their strengths, while minimizing their weaknesses.

Adaptive Testing Center

Monmouth University has an Adaptive Testing Center for students who have documented disabilities. This separate testing center offers students with disabilities a quiet area to take their tests with extended time and other accommodations, such as assistive technology. The test center assists faculty members in fulfilling their obligation under the ADA of accommodating students with disabilities. Students opting to utilize the testing center complete a Testing Accommodation Form with the faculty member for each test. Faculty members are encouraged to call the DDS to discuss accommodations if they have any questions. The completed form must be received by the DDS three days prior to the test date so that a room and proctor can be scheduled. Forms for final exams must be submitted at least 5 days prior to the start of finals. Adjustments in the testing situation can be handled directly by the faculty member, if agreed upon by the student and the faculty member.